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Screen Shot 2019 03 20 at 12.15.31 PMCan AMZN's tree
grow to the sky?

'Everything to everybody'
mission eroding rapidly &
the vendor partners purge

Amazon has recently accelerated moves to drive profitability & cut costs inc. Private Label expansion; a smaller vendors purge; the Walmart price war; & abandoning NYC HQ2. Do these actions point to a peak in its market domination plan, at least in its etail activities? Updated

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Productivity stairway to heaven2Productivity key
to 'Progressives'
growth success

Broadline business supply
from single source wins

We've spoken w/many leading OP dealers in the US/UK recently. Progressives are positive about future growth prospects and driving a personalised  'managed productivity services' agenda. Here are the key ingredients... Updated

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Lucy angry PCWayfair's woeful
wavering service

Customer complaints: cold
incomplete multi-deliveries

Giant furniture etailer Wayfair's popular adline "You got what I need" is increasingly ringing hollow with its fast growing base of customers suffering unreliable, incomplete & erratic deliveries from multiple 3PV drivers...

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bezos amazon achilles heelAMZN: Pvt Label
disrupter or dud?

Godzilla's attack on brand-
maker partners peters out?

Business supply resellers’ worst Amazon fear hasn’t yet come to pass. Its huge expansion in private label & exclusive labels has not gained traction with users in spite of some dodgy promo search tactics. Is own label an own goal for Godzilla?

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Screen Shot 2019 03 19 at 4.34.29 PMAMZN purges
small suppliers

Cut the CRAP/Own Label
drive in price war v WMT

notorious reputation for squeezing suppliers has escalated over the past year. It's move towards private label and unrfair returns policies have extended to a purge on smaller supply partners announced on 2 March. Updated

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MPS thornM P S  i s  d e a d.
Long live M P S!

Make 'Manag'd Productivity
Services' your #1 priority

The Managed Print Services (MPS) evolution started around 2005; it has grown strongly as it cannibalised the transactional printing business. Paper & print demand continues in terminal decline and now the new MPS: providing 'Managed Productivity Services' for customers should be your priority....Updated

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lucy receives packageThe rise & rise
of conscious

How ethical shopping
can help brands thrive

The rise of the conscious consumer has pushed resellers to be more transparent & source aware. Ethical decisions presents a perpetual dilemma but increasingly businesswomen will make that buying choice

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Screen Shot 2019 03 04 at 11.56.31 AMThe US/Euro

Economies in
S l o w d o w n?

Big opportunity for single
source business suppliers

We forecast a US economic slowdown on 20 Aug'18 based on declining growth rates reported by business supplies' makers from Q2'18 thru' Q4'18 plus, pessimistic CEO 2019 outooks. It's happening! So what should dealers do now? Later today

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goliath v davidO u t s i z e d
O u t d a t e d

Impersonal Interserve sinks.
Shift on to agile specialists

The major 'Business Process Outsourcing BPO' firms are in a death rattle. Interserve is the latest example to join the collapse of Carillion, Capita & Serco. Corporations are moving to specialist managed service providers, rather than 'everything to everybody' pretenders. Is the game over for outsourcing giants? 

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retail stores doomedRethink the retail
e x p e r i e n c e

As High St. chains die note
shift to new independents

As large chain stores struggle to compete with the rise of online sales, independent and artisan retailers are stepping up to take their place on the high/main street

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"Tomorrow's News Today,

not yesterday's news tomorrow."

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Top Frost Bites

What if FTC foils Staples?

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 at 12.14.57 PMWhat if FTC
foils Staples?

Can Essendant revitalize
dealer wholesale support?

OP industry leaders' seem resigned that the
Staples acquisition of wholesaler Essendant will get FTC approval But, the decision expected by 1 Nov, has been delayed over the phony 'firewall' issue and now by the Government Shutdown. We discuss options if the FTC reject Staples ....Updated


OfficeTeam obsolete impersonal strategy

Moulton jon terminatorOfficeTeam: old &
cold crash course

Plans shift from warm sales
reps > telesales termination

PP Sources
confirm that in the post-Whitewash era at vulture owned, ugly SPOT's OfficeTeam will reverse its past success formula. It plans to switch to an obsolete, impersonal, low-cost, low-value telesales plan v Spicers' dealers. You couldn't make this up! 


#STRESS FTC delays execution until Summer?

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 at 12.14.57 PMWill #STRESS FTC
delay deal 'til Q2?

Gov. Shutdown + FB firewall
furore to slow SPLS merger

The current US Government shutdown is likely to delay FTC approval of the Staples/Essendant takeover until early March.  However, will the impending record FTC fine for Facebook's violation of its fake firewall also impact Staples' credibility? Later today


UK Dealer Groups: Consolidation Call

Buying Groups ostriches head in sand

Call for Groups

8 networks need unified
market driven agendas

The proposed EPIC merger of the 3 leading US dealer groups should cause a review amongst the 8 UK similar networks. Most focus on diminishing OP buying power, rather than business supply development. Time for leadership action?


SPOT the BS: Whiteway whitewashes failures/firing

SPOT whiteway whitewashSPOT the BS!

'Holesale failure

Ex-CEO deluded, in denial
re-destruction of Spicers

SPOT CEO Jeff 'Whitewash' Whiteway tells propaganda puppet OPI about his disastrous tenure of once much admired Spicers. He paints a fake rosy picture of its demise from a £360m sales in 2011, down to a lossmaking current £150m....


Staples Europe stripping assets

Screen Shot 2019 02 03 at 3.23.39 PMSPLS destructs
European ops

Vulture Cerberus culls jobs.
"Decentralization" sham?

former European business supplies reseller 'Staples Solutions' acquired by vulture capitalist Cerberus in Feb'17 is predictably slashing HQ jobs in Amsterdam as its downsizing continues 


Will Dealer Groups grope or grab the future?

Screen Shot 2019 02 18 at 1.35.17 PMWill Groups Grope
or Grab Future!?

Post-OP plans: #STRESS
AMZN attack & wholesaler
withdrawals focus minds

Last month the EPIC dealer groups decided to explore consolidation plans. The UK's 8 groups need to decide their futures too. This time a market driven agenda is needed not a bygone buying bias. Can groups adapt to the new broadline business supply future? Updated


Depot downgrade earned or error?

dead fish in the water300Depot downgrade
earned or error?

Market cap sinks 30%+ to
$1.5Bn. Recovery or ruin?

Seeking Alpha analyst Elle Investments reckons the huge sell off of Office Depot shares in December was unfair. It credits the margin improving move into SMB services as a positive, but does it get the negative of inept management? Updated


Office Outlet overstored, over & out?

Screen Shot 2019 01 29 at 3.20.28 PM

Office Outlet
Over & Out?

Vulture Hilco struggles
w/ex-SPLS superstores

Office Outlet,
the struggling superstore chain formerly known as Staples is hunting for new cash months after shutting stores through a company voluntary arrangement (CVA). How long can this last?


OPI's Boiling Frog on the slab

Screen Shot 2018 08 29 at 11.23.54 AMIs 'Frog' boiling
or on the slab?

OPI revisits OP market
demise & millennial mush

has revisited its research study of 2012 entitled 'Boiling the Frog'. We discuss the analagous subject covering the demise of the OP market and the behavioural business needs of the mythical 'millennials' (22-37 yr olds). Too late & how relevant?


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