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Screen Shot 2019 03 15 at 12.27.05 AMSchool Specialty:
stalled, CEO out

Complacency caused slow
adaptation to new market

School Specialty, ex-leader in educational supplies, reported slower sales trends & continued losses. The CEO resigned last month as  sales lagged 60% below levels of 2008 with no real growth plan


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Essendant CORE Live 2019

Screen Shot 2019 02 26 at 11.49.09 AMCORE vows more
for ESND dealers

Dochelli & Douglas excited
re #STRESS partnership

Essendant's #CORELive'19
conference opened last Tuesday with president Harry Dochelli outlining the vision & strategy of the new #STRESS combo. Staples CEO Sandy Douglas joined Harry on stage for a Town Hall discussion... Complete


Megatrends 2019 in Business Supply

MEGATRENDS sq 20192019 Business
Supply Market

How to take charge of your
own destiny in the 2020's!

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, WeWork & Uber
have M-powered a new entrepreneurial revolution with affordable personal tech & immediate delivery services. Wholesalers have failed to help OP resellers connect with users by providing personalised productivity services + integrated same-day delivery. How should dealers take charge of their own destiny in this difficult situation? Report complete inc. 2018 US/UK Market Review. Updated



Essendant #CORE Live 2019 Day 2 Conference

Screen Shot 2019 03 01 at 11.16.31 AMH u m a n i s e.

E m p a t h i s e.


Essendant's #CORELive19
advice in declining market

Day 2 of
Essendant's CORELive'19 conference in Denver reinforced the key takeaways from Day 1: The OP market is in serious decline; embrace broader business supply categories; develop consultative sellers & personalise your services with decision makers. Complete


Essendant CORE Conference 2019

customer intimacy redheartHow  D e e p
is your Lo♥️e?

Essendant CORE Live
Preview to challenge
dealers' determination

US #1 business supply wholesaler
Essendant is holding its CORE Live conference next week in Denver. We spoke with president Harry Dochelli about his message and 'dealer takeaways' objective.... Updated. We will report daily next week 


Will Dealer Groups grope or grab the future?

Screen Shot 2019 02 18 at 1.35.17 PMWill Groups Grope
or Grab Future!?

Post-OP plans: #STRESS
AMZN attack & wholesaler
withdrawals focus minds

Last month the EPIC dealer groups decided to explore consolidation plans. The UK's 8 groups need to decide their futures too. This time a market driven agenda is needed not a bygone buying bias. Can groups adapt to the new broadline business supply future? Updated


Office Depot & Alibaba ink strategic alliance

smith gerry odp speed 18Depot & Alibaba
ink strategic deal

Collaboration to empower
SMB's global expansion??
How long before fire sale?

Office Depot & Alibaba,
one of the world’s largest B2B trading platforms today announced a strategic collaboration. Is the goal to empower US SMB's to grow in the global B2B e-commerce market or more likely a forerunner to a fire sale?


Costco Q2'19 Financial Review

jelenick craig costco whCostco chasing
AMZN tail lights

NPS: Top customer service
retail experience champion

Costco Wholesale
 reported Q2'19 results with strong growth maintained for the $150Bn broadline consumer & business supplies reseller. It's transforming its woeful webstore & etail efforts to compete with Amazon. Updated


Amazon purges suppliers...panic!

Screen Shot 2019 03 11 at 10.45.58 PMAmazon purges

Wants vendors to supply
direct to cut fulfilment costs

has abruptly stopped buying products from many of its wholesalers, sowing panic. The move aims to cut distribution costs, shift the burden of delivery to vendors. to increase its own profitability...


Office Depot Q4'18 Financial Review

dead fish in the water300Desperate Depot's
delusional deceit

Is CEO Smith's intent saving
sinking ship or hyping tech
services to max exit value?

Office Depot/Max,
the bigbox car crash combo, continued its terminal tailspin in Q4'18. Core sales are plunging, disguised by acquisitions. We analyse CEO Gerry 'Smudger' Smith's hollow 'progress' rhetoric.... 


International Women's Day 2019

Screen Shot 2019 03 08 at 8.15.01 PMIWD2019: Women
IT discuss fairness

Lenovo host event tackling
gender gap in distribution 

Ahead of International Women's Day today, ten of the IT channel's top female leaders came together to discuss how to address the industry's gender deficit 


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